HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.That too after REMOVING & CHANGING a lot of things from its actual version on the name of COST CUTTING (Such a beggar company) like:1. Ask Now, Thank you! Your question has been submitted. !I have been waiting for the same for the last 3.5 years and have written to YAMAHA about the same but they respond with their typical ROBOTIC COPY PASTE REPLY that WE HAVE NO IDEA. It's a good for 500 KiloMiter. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_compare_changemmv,rvmp_change_mmv,rvmp_compare_cars_result,rvmp_popularity_vote,rvmp_qna,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_similar_cars_slider, - Contactless experience in whole process, Fall Head Over Heels For The 2020 Yamaha Aerox 155 With These Detailed Images, Yamaha FZ 25 BS6 Vs Suzuki Gixxer 250 BS6 Vs Bajaj Dominar 250: Spec Comparison, Malaysian-spec Yamaha R15 Gets Similar Colours Found In India. You can choose either bike based on your need. MAAF KARDO YAMAHA KO. Yes u can go 500 kms around without discomfort by staying 30 minutes for every 100 to 120 Km On average i have a great experience go 1000 Km, height is below 5'9 - 5.5 its preferably otherwise it will be uncomfortable for long ride. 1.52 Lakh which is Rs. GO BACK TO JAPAN.Other companies are giving USD FORKS to India but YAMAHA is not giving. Are you dreaming with open eyes ??? Both the R15 and RS200 have their individual advantages. The R15 has much better engine refinement, gear shifts and mileage. Key & Ignition Switch4. THEY FEEL AS IF WE ARE BEGGARS.AREY BHAI, USD FORKS KITNA MEHENGA HAI BHAI??? Actually they can not afford. Introduced in 2008, the V Star 250 replaced the Virago 250, but was essentially the same bike spec-wise. Alloy Rear Foot Pegs3. Hazard Switch2. SURPRISINGLY, YAMAHA gave the R15 V3s most wanted INDONESIAN VERSION to BANGLADESH but NOT TO INDIA because whenever they think about India, their thinking change. The claimed mileage . ?THEY CHANGED THE COLORS FOR INDIA BUT THEY NEVER GAVE INTERNATIONAL COLORS TO US.THEY LAUNCHED DIFFERENT COLORS IN INDIA.ARE WE INDIAN ALIENS FOR YAMAHA??? Here’s How The Yamaha FZ 25 BS6 Is Different From Its BS4 Counterpart, BS6-compliant Yamaha R15 V3.0 And Fascino Coming Next Month, No bikes for you for the college...start with any 125cc first....for weekend little stretch r15 v3...faily commute to college Fz 150...if you need style and girlfriend and get spoiled R15v3 or gixxer 150. !WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THEM?? Telescopic Front Forks (V2)7. The Yamaha R15 Is Faster Than This 250cc Chinese Bike! The RS200 has more power and pickup owing to it's larger engine. I agree RS200 is faster than the R15 but R15 gives you more ride control and confidence . Rs 200 has a better riding posture for a relax and comfortable ride compared to r15 v3 but ride quality is far better in R15 v3 with low vibrations and the top speed is also higher in V3 ( I have clocked around 157kmph on my bike) Hardware is also better in v3 so if you can adjust with the sportier ergonomics of the r15 v3 then you should definitely go for it. How Different Is The BS6 Yamaha R15 V3 From The BS4 Iteration? either at low speed or high speed R15 is more under control and user-friendly than the RS200. 5 Interesting Details Of The New FZ 25 BS6. LOL !! Speedometer5. FORGET IT BOSS !! Instant money transfer, RC Transfer, Home Inspection, Have any questions about YZF R15 V3 ? !Life is not so long to wait for 3 years and that too ONLY for USD FORKS.TRUST ME, YAMAHA WILL NEVER GIVE USD FORKS TO INDIANS BECAUSE IF THEY DO IT, THEY WILL BE BANKRUPT. Why? WE do not WANT YOUR KIND OF POOR PEOPLE ON OUR LAND. !WRAP UP YOUR BUSINESS AND GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Yamaha FZ 25 Price starts at Rs. It just goes like a hot knife on butter in the corners ! But it's definitely not comtable but it's good choice for speed and performance and cornering, Yes but it's totally depends on you how you are drive and what is your driving position. BOHOT GAREEB COMPANY HAI BHAI.