Later, Wiseman shows up to battle him. However, as Masquerade left, he revealed that he was holding back, making Dan realize that Masquerade was much stronger than he had anticipated, and that he could have lost Drago. Voiced by Later, she comforts Dan, while Mira and Kato do the same to Shun and Marucho. Dan trains in hopes of winning back Drago, and talks to the Legendary Warrior of Vestroia, Apollonir, and they successfully defeat Spectra, restore Drago back to normal, and win Drago back. He gets angered to the point of grabbing Marucho by the collar and flipping Shun. When in the Pyrus-Darkus world, he and Drago fought the Pyrus-Darkus hybrids Druman and Centorrior. Bad Dan is the second segment of the thirty-eighth episode of Bakugan: Armored Alliance. Dan’s dress has a modern, urban daredevil flair to it. Then they become in sync with Zenthon and summon Zenthon Titan and win the battle. Drago took him and unknown to their knowledge, Marucho, to New Vestroia, where they were found by Mira Fermin and battled two members of the Vexos, Volt Luster and Lync Volan. The team stops Kravitz on her way out of Los Volmos, demanding their Bakugan back. Race When Marucho and Preyas sneak out to find Elfin, he is with Shun, Ace and Baron sleeping through a romantic movie that Runo, Mira and Julie are watching. Dragonoid Destroyer sends Aerogan up into the air to strike the Nonets above the vortex. Dan then wishes Nova Lion was back during another battle with the hybrids, but somehow, Alice overheard him, but didn't know who he was talking about Alice then decided to become Masquerade one more time to save them, which she does, and thanks to Masquerade's plan, the hybrid Bakugan are defeated. While Dan and Drago are training with Lightning and Howlkor, one of Howlkor's Prismatic Bolt attacks launches Drago in the aired, towards a nearby house. In BAKUGAN THE BATTLE BEGINS, when Dan first appears, he is seen riding his bike to the park, where he is supposed to battle Shuji. From The Bakugan Wiki. In Re-connection, Wavern lets Dan and Drago look through their memories to find the source of all their troubles. In Battle for Bakugan Land, Dan shows Runo around the amusement park. Luckily, Shun arrives and helps him defeat Jake. He agreed to help the Resistance free the Bakugan by destroying all the Dimension Controllers that are keeping the Bakugan in their ball forms. Gender After Aay's attack on a local shopping mall, Dan notices the aptitudes of Magnus Black (in disguise) and Shun Kazami. So, they battle Amazon but lose control during the battle and are defeated. When Drago doesn't evolve like the others, he is told that he needs to defeat all of his friends in order for Drago to evolve. After fighting enemies with Raytheus, Dan is confronted by Ren. Later, Wynton shows these videos to Dan and Lia, who are amazed at the amount of views on the videos. He then shot a blast that turned all of the brawler's Bakugan to ball form. NV The battle goes smoothly until Wiseman summons the evil Mechtogan. Bakugan Bakugan Later, they are confronted by Gunz and Betadron. Dan Kuso. Later he was challenged to a rematch, which he accepts. His goggles are similar to those worn by the main protagonists of Digimon seasons 1-4 and 6-9. Dan is optimistic, forthcoming and intense. After that, he witnessed Betadron and Worton sacrifice themselves to keep the portal open. After, they try to fly up a cliff with a strong wind against them. In Mind Search, Wavern leads him and Drago to a cave which will solve their nightmares. He and the brawlers also find out that Anubias and Sellon are working for Mag Mel.